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When ordering pre-order items,
Please agree to the following precautions.​

In the case of pre-order or made-to-order products, we ask that you understand and agree to the following regarding delivery dates.


■The estimated delivery time for pre-order items is around 10 months, and the estimated delivery time for made-to-order items is around 12 months.


■Due to the coronavirus situation, delivery times may be delayed by 2-3 months than usual.


■Delivery delays may occur significantly due to unexpected events.


Please place an order only if you agree with the above points.



Examples of unexpected events include:

1) Impact of the coronavirus

The direct impacts that occurred in 2020 include significant delays in the arrival of materials, delays in the transportation of guitars, delays due to difficulties in entering the country for factory managers from overseas, and delays due to temporary restraint of factory operations at the request of the Vietnamese government. etc. have occurred. Indirectly, since we are unable to go directly to the Vietnam factory and inspect the guitars on-site, the guitars are checked and adjusted in Japan after they arrive in Japan, so shipping may take longer than usual. This is the situation. Furthermore, since the coronavirus, the demand for guitars has increased worldwide, and the production volume at our Vietnam factory has also increased. Production is carried out in a planned manner, but repairs that occur mid-way tend to delay delivery.

2) Impact of weather disasters

Due to the large-scale flood that occurred in China in 2020, a guitar case manufacturing factory was flooded, making it impossible to ship some guitars to Japan, resulting in a delay in delivery. This necessitated the need to change the guitar case and switch to a product from a different factory. Developing a new product like this takes a lot of time.

Due to the effects of the cold wave and heavy snow in Japan this winter, it became necessary for the guitars to be adjusted and shipped after they had been acclimatized to the Japanese climate to a certain extent, and in some cases shipments were delayed.

3) Impact of other accidents

IIn 2020, there were several cases of sudden factory machinery breakdowns and product damage due to transportation accidents within Japan.If a product is damaged, it will have to be remade, causing significant delivery delays. It becomes.

Ayers Japan and our staff in Vietnam and Taiwan are working harder than ever to deliver guitars in the best possible condition.

However, due to the above reasons, the delivery time is longer than before.

If you have a strict view on the delivery date, we apologize for the inconvenience, but please refrain from placing your order.


Currently, all manufacturers are experiencing shipping delays due to the impact of the coronavirus and the shortage of semiconductors.

If you are ordering a guitar, you further agree that unexpected events such as those mentioned above may occur from time to time, and in such cases the delivery date may be delayed.

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